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january, 2022

janEMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY IN THE LCD | PT Office Manager @ Primitive

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Office Manager (Part-time)

We’re seeking an Office Manager to join our team! The Office Manager is a part-time position focused on supporting office operations. This person does need to be located in the Lubbock, TX area.


The Office Manager is a part-time, hourly administrative role and the role is focused on supporting the office operations. This includes collaboration with the Chief of Staff and other team members as it relates to needs that arise. The hours required will fluctuate but average to about 10 hours per week.


  • Greet office guests with friendly warmth and a helpful attitude
  • Integrally involved in any events hosted in the 905 office
  • Maintain a stocked kitchen with snacks, drinks, coffee, paper goods
  • Keep needed office supplies available
  • Manage computer inventory and leases
  • Check and forward phone messages through the online system
  • Help with team travel arrangements and accommodations, supporting with all team event details throughout the year
  • Assist with orders for various events and programs
  • Check, sort, and distribute the office mail
  • Arrange services for general maintenance and repair of the 905 and 1214 buildings


  • The success of the Office Manager will be measured by the following metrics.
  • Feedback on being a great teammate with a helpful and positive attitude from those who work most closely with the Office Manager.
  • Evidence of helping to facilitate a healthy work environment and employee experience.
  • Consistent and accurate management of property, as well as timely attention to detail in anticipating and meeting the needs that arise.
  • Professionalism in utilizing verbal and written communication etiquette and delicately handling confidential matters.


The Office Manager is essential to the success of smooth operations at Primitive and because of the variety of responsibilities the underpinning of success includes a wide range of skills.

  • Optimism and the ability to adopt a positive outlook in a variety of situations that will be encountered
  • Initiative and the anticipation of needs
  • Active interest in the company’s well being
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to be accessible and friendly
  • Comfort with a fast-paced environment
  • Stellar organization and follow-through
  • Creative problem solving and persistence to stick with a problem until it’s solved
  • Self-confidence in abilities and a clear understanding of the role
  • Emotional intelligence and steadfast composure
  • Commitment to being proactive with communicating and addressing identified issues
  • Collaborative and able to work well with others
  • Flexibility is offered and also expected, as unforeseen needs may arise


Since 2011 Primitive has been crafting digital solutions for the measured success of our clients. Being the best at any craft takes courage; it requires being intentional with strategy, execution, and, most importantly, connections. Uniting together with Primitive means building a relationship of trust and honesty to tackle the needs and scope of every client project, because, for us, every new problem voices a unique solution.


Month Long Event (january)