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april, 2022

aprEMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY IN THE LCD | Guard @ Museum of Texas Tech University

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Guard – 28216BR
Museum of Texas Tech University


Position Description

Performs security work in the protection of property and facilities against theft, vandalism, illegal entry, and other destructive activities.

Major/Essential Functions

  • Open and close Museum including disarming/arming of alarms, lights, videos, etc., and the raising and lowering of flags.
  • Check offices, areas, appliances, stoves, etc.
  • Patrol Museums alert to any visitors violating posted rules.
  • Familiar with/enforce safety guidelines; alert to signs of vandalism, illegal entry, etc. and periodic checks of the building exterior.
  • Responsible for alerting appropriate staff to building maintenance needs, the arrival of repair/delivery personnel, and escorting to secured areas.
  • Responsible for reporting incidents of injury regarding the public and staff to the appropriate personnel.
  • While at info/security desk, must be alert to entering visitors and students; distribute keys/badges.
  • Monitor videos and radios for illegal entry and weather reports.
  • Answer telephone at the Kiosk and make announcements.
  • Responsible for monitoring galleries, conducting gallery checklist, and ensuring gallery information guides are available for visitor use.
  • Counts and enters daily reports on visitor numbers.
  • Reports problems regarding safety hazards or maintenance issues to the appropriate staff for timely repair.
  • Monitor conditions of fire extinguishers to ensure proper working order.
  • Responsible for responding to alarms at varying times of day. Check alarms weekly.

Required Qualifications

Proficiency in written and mathematical processes as may be reflected by the completion of the tenth grade plus one year of security, customer service, public relations or related experience.

Preferred Qualifications

Ability to react calmly, quickly, and accurately in emergency situations; ability to meet and communicate effectively with the general public; ability to interpret and understand oral and written instructions; work week varies from Monday through Sunday.

Occasional Duties

  • Works overtime events as needed.
  • Responsible for logging in items for lost and found.
  • Assists facilities personnel with the setup and dismantling for meetings and seminars as needed.




Month Long Event (april)